Announcement: New Day Rising

While thinking about this post, the title of Hüsker Dü's album, "New Day Rising," came to mind. June 1 will mark the beginning of a new day for Two Jacks Denim. From that date on, we will evolve into an e-commerce-only business.  

The life of an entrepreneur/small business retailer is basically a seven-days-a-week gig, which I happily embraced for the last six years. Recent events in my personal life gave me pause to think about what's most important to me, my family, friends and well-being. I want to spend more time with them, do some traveling, and take a vacation. There are more days behind me than in front of me, and I want to make the best of them. With a web-based business, I’ll have more flexibility and time to do those things. I'll also be freed up to focus all my energies exclusively on e-commerce, which is a whole business in and of itself. 

Another factor, of course, is the changing retail landscape. Brick-and-mortar is fading because consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online. I believe in the business maxim: evolve in response to customer trends or die. will continue to carry all-and-only high-quality U.S.-made menswear and reach more people with the message that buying American-made is important socially, economically and morally. I've spoken with our core suppliers and have their support. 

Recently, we've updated the web store with improved photography and added many more products. These updates will continue and we'll make changes to bring the in-person shopping experience online. You’ll see some new products and brands and ways to better choose the right fit. More details to come ...

June 1, will be the last day for the shop in downtown Oakland. Please stop by so I can personally thank you for your support and friendship. And remember, you can continue to shop with us online. Catch ya on the flipside.